Smart Posture Corrector
Smart Posture Corrector
Smart Posture Corrector
Smart Posture Corrector
Smart Posture Corrector
Smart Posture Corrector
Smart Posture Corrector

Smart Posture Corrector

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Say Goodbye to Back Pain and Get the Perfect Posture Effortlessly.

The Smart Posture Corrector uses an intelligent sensor & alarm system to improve posture and help align your neck . shoulders . upper back . and spine.

Unlike other posture correctors . this senses your bad posture (if the user's back is bent for more than 25 degrees). It then sets off a vibrating alarm to remind you to straighten up. 

Intelligent Sensor: The corrector calibrates and records your correct posture upon startup. This will be its guide and basis for the corrector alarm.

Ergonomic Design: It eliminates neck . shoulder . and back discomfort with its figure-eight design.

Lightweight: Made with soft . highly elastic nylon . the corrector can be worn comfortably under and over your clothes.

Rechargeable: Charge for 1 hour for a full battery.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - "Discreet reminder to keep good posture"

"Whenever I slouch . the device reminds me that I have to straighten up. My husband has noticed I'm standing taller . I love it!"

How Does It Work

The Smart Posture Corrector corrects your posture immediately and builds long lasting good posture habits. It gently holds your body in a healthy posture position with an upright upper back and a natural inward curve in the lower back. And the Precision Sensors sends out a gentle vibration reminder whenever bad posture is detected. 


How long do I have to wear this each day?

We recommend starting with 30 minutes a day and increasing to about 60 minutes a day after a couple of weeks. This can be broken up into 10-15 minute periods if your posture is quite poor to begin with.

How long until I begin to see improvement in my posture?

You will see an improvement in your posture as soon as you begin wearing the device. You will begin to stand taller after 7 days of use and see significant . permanent improvements after three weeks of consistent use even without the device on. 

Is this adjustable to my height/weight?

This is one size fits all and built for all size and shapes. The nylon straps can be adjusted to fit your body . ensuring a comfortable fit every time.

Can I wear it under a shirt?

Of course! Our Smart Posture Corrector is small . discreet and perfect for wearing underneath a shirt or jacket.


Material: ABS + Nylon

Size: Free Size

Package Includes

1 x Smart Posture Corrector