Smart Dog Bark Collar
Smart Dog Bark Collar
Smart Dog Bark Collar
Smart Dog Bark Collar
Smart Dog Bark Collar
Smart Dog Bark Collar
Smart Dog Bark Collar

Smart Dog Bark Collar

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Our Smart Dog Bark Collar will train your dog to stop barking instantly. Suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes . it's your best choice to transform your dog into a quiet . happy member of the family FAST. 

 Intelligent Smart chip automatically triggered by vibration from your dog's throat NOT by sound so you do not need a remote and the collar will not falsely trigger. Which means 100% accuracy and your dog can be trained even when they're home alone and you're not around

 100% Safe & Humane Training modes (Sound . Vibration Or Harmless Shock) with 7 levels of sensitivity so you can easily combine functions and sensitivity levels to get results for your dog fast. Which means no more barking . no expensive dog behaviour training required . a happy you and a happy dog!

 Fully adjustable . low profile and lightweight design so you can ensure a secure . comfortable fit (perfect for small . medium & large dogs weighing 10-100 lbs . collar size 6" - 22") which means your dog will always be comfortable while wearing the collar

 Easy To Use . Large LED display so you can easily make adjustments to the training modes and view battery life while the collar is being worn. Which means anyone can use this even if you've never used a dog training collar before

 Rechargeable Battery so you can don't have to change batteries all the time which means you save time and money

 Waterproof & Easy To Clean so you can use indoors and outdoors in all weather conditions which means if your dog loves rain . mud and sprinklers they can still enjoy them!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - "If you have a dog who needs training . you need this"

"I was about to give my dog up because he was a nightmare . non stop barking at anything and anyone. We even had the police called on us it was that bad. He simply wouldn't listen. I contacted our trainer and they said it would be $4000 to correct his behaviors . i didn't have $4000! As a last resort i got this . I use the shock setting at level 3 and now he's an angel! I shocked myself first . so i felt confident in the adjustable settings and knew i wasn't really hurting him. This product is amazing! I can't say enough great things about it! Battery life is great . adjustable settings . shipped quickly and it's easy to use and understand. Thank you!"

Amy Castillo . USA

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to work?

In most cases . it'll be instant. However . all dogs are different and you'll need to test which mode of training works best for your dog. 

My dog is deaf . will the collar still work?

Absolutely . the vibration or shock modes will still work in training your dog

Where can we use the collar?

Use it indoors . outdoors . walks . travel - wherever you want! 

Is it good for controlling other behaviours aside from barking?

Absolutely! The smart chip inside the collar is activated by the vibrations from your dog's throat so it will trigger when they howl or whine also

Will the collar activate if another dog barks?

No. Unlike other collars . ours is not activated by sound. Only your dog can trigger the collar . it will not be triggered by outside sounds

How long can it be worn for?

The battery will last 18 hours in constant use before requiring a charge so we recommend using for around 12 hours per day as needed. 


Unit Size: 70mm x 37mm x 40mm

Belt Size: Adjustable from 6" - 22" collar size (for dogs weighing 10-100 lbs)

Battery Charge Time: 3-4 Hours

Battery Run Time: 18 hours of constant use. Up to 1 week on standby

What's Included

1 x Dog Bark Collar . 1 x USB Charging Cable . 1 x Test Bulb . 1 x User Manual